Richard Haskins


Drawing on the people and events of my childhood primarily, my art is a mix of memories and imagination.  This era has been my primary source of inspiration and has allowed me to return to a time when things were much simpler.  A look back that generates new curiosity in viewers of all ages.  Faceless people spring to life in colorful paint, each piece is a world inhabited by my favorite icons and motifs, Children, Animals, Fishing, the great outdoors, and New England.  My goal is to create something unique yet familiar in a way that resists taking life to seriously.

I am a self taught Artist born on April 4, 1962 in Tacoma Washington and currently reside in North Adams, Massachusetts.  My acrylic paintings depict everyday life as seen through my minds eye.  whether a childhood memory or a current event, my paintings are unique yet familiar to the viewer.

I answered my first juried call for new England artist in 2014 and was one of 24 artist selected by Kate Mcnamara, director and chief curator of the Boston university art gallery, for the show in Cambridge ma.  my paintings have since by exhibited in Boston, new york city, and several galleries in western Massachusetts, and on-line exhibits.